POPEMOJI Updated with “Easter Pack”

Creators want to give Catholics a "lighthearted, joyful way" of sharing the good news of the resurrection

Popemoji for Easter

Aleteia USA Inc.

The immensely popular POPEMOJI keyboard app has been updated with an all-new “Easter Pack.” Customers who update their app will be greeted with a joyful set of stickers and gifs that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, along with some fun cultural activities associated with Easter.

Last year, with more than 136,000 users, more than 1.1 million emoji were sent.

“As the interest in POPEMOJI has grown, we’ve been working hard to add value for our users with fresh, seasonal emoji creative,” said Jason Deal EVP Strategy & Marketing at Aleteia USA, Inc. Since mid-September 2015, POPEMOJI have been shared on every continent, generating 28 million emoji impressions. “This is such an important time for Catholics. We wanted to give them a lighthearted, joyful way of sharing the good news with their friends and family.”

Commissioned by global Catholic network and developed by Swyft Media, it celebrates Catholic life by pairing emoji images representing various aspects of their spiritual life with Pope Francis in a wide range of whimsical scenarios such as heading a soccer ball, taking selfies with young people, wearing a sombrero from his trip to Mexico and jumping for joy with the good news.

“While holy week is an important, reflective and often solemn time in our lives, we also wanted to highlight the joy of the season by letting people rejoice and share their hope and enthusiasm” said Silvia Costantini, Aleteia’s POPEMOJI editor. “We hope our customers will have fun with this set and it will put a lot of smiles on faces around the world.”

Aleteia USA, Inc. is a New York-based Christian media company that develops digital media products for Catholics worldwide, including, which reaches more than 7.5 million visitors globally per month in seven different languages, as well as the site For Her and the POPEMOJI app.

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