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Verse of the Day app keeps users in touch with the faith on a daily basis

An oasis of spirituality and discernment in today’s hectic world. The Christian message comes like a ray of light to illuminate people’s deeds and consciences: with Verse of the Day, smartphones become an efficient instrument for connecting to the Bible and its most profound contents.

With this app, which can be downloaded for free, users benefit from reading the Word of God on a daily basis, getting the Bible’s most important verses on their portable devices. The verses are split into different thematic categories such as faith, family, fear, forgiveness, hope, encouragement.  These are just some of the evangelical themes that can help users find the verses they need for their personal prayer and meditation.

The app is ultra-personalisable, from the main menu language to the time at which the user wishes to receive the verses on their device and even their area of relevance.

Aside from being practical and simple, the app is also highly intuitive to use: all the user needs to do is adjust a handful of settings to make the most of the app tailoring it according to their own preferences.

Another very useful feature is the possibility to regulate how often the user receives messages as well as the option to set the conceptual reference to “casual”, meaning that the software itself picks it automatically each day. The internal menu has a digital calendar, allowing users to consult passages from the scriptures even faster and to view passages that are linked to specific days and months.

By using the “favourites” icon, users can save the most poignant verses for consultation later on, whenever they may need them. The Verse of the Day app also allows users to share readings, thoughts and reflections via social networks, including with those closest to them.