World Youth Day Featured Artist: The Shalom Missionaries Remind Us No One Can Survive Without Love



Without you I lose my breath, I lose my air.

According to the experts, an adult human must consume at least 420 liters of oxygen in a 24 hour period. Acute depressurization, like that which can occur on an airplane, can cause death in as little as 15 seconds.

We have seen – at least depicted on TV – the desperation of a person drowning or without air. Imagine a life without love. What would happen to a soul that did not breathe the “oxygen” of love at any time in its existence?

Moved by the lack of “oxygen of love” in the world, the band Missionário Shalom felt called to produce this music video. The song “Oxigênio” (Oxygen) reveals how essential God is in the human life, as essential as the air we breathe.

The music video already has over 300,000 views. It seems that it has struck a chord with its viewers, reminding them of the most fundamental thing in their lives: God.

The band Missionário Shalom is one of the groups that will be featured in the Halleluya Festival at World Youth Day in Krakow on July 27th in Szczepanski Square, in the heart of Krakow. Follow Cecilia to keep up with the Halleluya Festival and all the music news during World Youth Day 2016.

Mirti Medeiros




Missionário Shalom

From: Fortaleza-CE (Brazil)

Latest Album: 180 graus (180 Degrees)


Curiosity: Missionário Shalom, formed in 1998, was a response by the Shalom Catholic Community to the need for greater evangelization with more methods adapted to the modern world. The group received the mission of being a reference point of the Shalom charism in their life and missionary activity both in Brazil and around the world.