Watch: Moving Cry for Peace

"Because I Want an End"

When light erases all we have been, will it be clear to us all only then how nothing mattered but love?

July 18th is Mandela Day, celebrated each year on the birthday of the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary and president. It is a day to remember his life and legacy, his work to change the world for the better.

Recent tragedies are a stark reminder that we have a long way to go. Orlando. Dallas. Nice, France.

There is a lot being said: Facebook profile pictures are changed in memory of the victims, condolences are offered, politicians put their spin on it. We won’t add to the clamor.

We just leave you with a heartbroken call, a prayer, beautifully composed by Sarah Hart:

But if I live and take no stand

My weapon is ambivalence

So peace be what I live and breathe

And flood within my children

And love, come conquer my own hate

Because I want an end

Cecilia Team





Sarah Hart

Name: Sarah Hart

Hometown: Nolensville, TN

Latest Album: Til the Song is Sung (Forthcoming)

Curiosity: Sarah tells the story of when she was pregnant with her first daughter and one of her friends brought her a set of juggling balls and taught her how to use them. The skill has proved useful, at least metaphorically: the music veteran has managed to balance motherhood, producing 8 albums, performing coast to coast, and even playing for Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square.