WYD: people far apart but united for a common purpose

The Sun will appear in concert at the World Youth Day Hallelujah Festival, the largest Catholic music festival in the world organized by Brazil’s Shalom Community

If there weren’t enough time to make a new world I would still believe, it is stronger than me.

In the lead-up to the concert we talked to the band’s lead singer, Francesco Lorenzi.

WYD in Krakow is fast approaching. The Sun will be playing at the Hallelujah Festival, of which Cecilia is an official partner. It’s another international performance for The Sun. Are you ready?

We are filled with joy. The invitation to the festival has been a real source of happiness for us, since we will be the main guests on Friday and will be able to play a full concert. WYD is very meaningful: it is a meeting between young people from all over the world, far apart but united for a common purpose. To be able to play in concert on this occasion is something both rare and unique. It’s different from all other concerts. We will also play before the papal Mass.

What new projects are you working on?

We have made a documentary film with TV2000 that will air during World Youth Day. The film tells the story of our experience in the Holy Land with the 200 people who lived with us. It will be about approximately 1.5 hours long, and there will be many beautiful testimonies.

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The Sun

Name: The Sun

(Francesco Lorenzi, songwriter, singer, guitar; Matteo Reghelin, base; Riccardo Rossi, drums; Gianluca Menegozzo, guitar)

Born in: Vicenza, Italy

Latest album: Cuore aperto (2015, Standard and Deluxe)

Interesting facts: In 2004 he won the prize of Best Italian punk rock band” at the Independent Label Meeting (MEI). Francesco, the band’s singer, was going through a deep personal and spiritual crisis that led him to draw closer to Christianity. Involving all the band members, it marked a turning point in their musical journey. In 2013, they performed at the World Youth Day in Rio, Brazil. In 2014, they launched the initiative “An invitation, a journey,” to offer young people an experience of faith, solidarity and music. On May 7 of the same year, an autobiography written by singer Francesco Lorenzi was published by the Italian publishing house, Rizzoli. The book was translated and published in six languages and is currently in its 6th edition in Italy. With Sony Music, they have release two albums: Spiriti del Sole [Spirits of the Sun] and Luce [Light]. On May 18, 2015 they released Le case di Mosul [The houses of Mosul] as the premiere single of their third album, Cuore aperto [Open Heart]. The Sun has held 600 concerts in Europe, Japan, Israel and Brazil. They will play at World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow at the Hallelujah Festival, and before the beginning of the Holy Mass with Pope Francis. Discover their projects on their site!

Site: http://www.thesun.it/la-band/

FB: The Sun Music

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