“Young people need to know that it’s possible to serve God in marriage,” say Catholic singing duo

WYD 2016: Yuli and Josh perform at the Halleluya Festival

Playing a set of popular Catholic songs, husband and wife singing due Yuli and Josh from Colombia performed on Tuesday, July 26th at one of the Krakow Youth Festival venues.

The singers, who have been married for six years, caught the attention of passersby with the song “Yo siento gozo en mi alma” (I feel joy in my soul). The couple shared that the fact that they are married and serve God together through music send a strong message to young people.

“We dated for six years and are now married for six. That is, we have been serving the Lord together for 12 years. We want to be a testimony to young people that it is possible to serve God doing what you love, and to do so in marriage too,” said Yuli.

Mirticeli Dias, Cecilia special correspondent in Krakow



Yuli and Josh

From:  Bogotá, Colombia

Latest Album:  Enamorados por Ti (2015)

Curiosity:  The singing duo was formed in 2008. From 2009-2015, Yuli and Josh were responsible for the music for the Sunday Masses transmitted on Colombian TV. Yuli was born in Granada-Antioquia (Colombia) and is a registered nurse, audiovisual producer, and singer. Josh was born in Puerto, Colombia and began his musical career at only 10 years of age.

Website: http://www.yuliyjosh.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YuliyJosh