13 years ago this Christian artist was deep into drugs and alcohol. He never imagined his life would like this

Unspoken’s latest song is an expression of the joyful gratitude of the healed and redeemed

All that I have, all I’ve been given, all of my life’s ambition is to worship, is to honor, is to bring You praise.

Unspoken’s second studio album hits shelves tomorrow, August 26th. “Higher,” the first single from the album, epitomizes the joyful gratitude radiating from the music and lyrics in the tracks.

The latest record follow through has a very different feel than their first record. “These new songs came out of a different place from the last record,” explains lead vocalist Chad Matson. “In the past there was so much uncertainty and struggle in our lives that was reflected in our songwriting. Now we’re writing songs that are really gratitude-driven. This new record is joyful and uplifting as opposed to being born our of the grind and the struggle. We’re just grateful for where we are now, for where God has brought us on this journey.”

The band is a living testimony of God’s grace working in even the darkest of places. Chad’s story is truly one of redemption: “Thinking back thirteen years to when I was dealing with drugs and alcohol in a very serious way, to think I would one day have a wife and kids and a solid family and home life and then be playing music for a living – God is surely able to do more than we ask or imagine. That might be a big theme on the new record too. Something we’ve often said to each other in the last few months is ‘Look what the Lord has done.’ He’s just opened doors we didn’t think could be opened.”

You can find Unspoken’s music on iTunes.

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Band name: Unspoken

Band Members: Mike Gomez (guitar), Jon Lowry (guitar, base, vocals), Chad Mattson (vocals), Ariel Munoz (drums)

Home: Nashville, Tennessee

Latest album: Unspoken Unplugged (2015)

Interesting fact: A victim of drugs and alcohol, singer Chad Mattson lived through a dark period in his life. But following a mission to the Dominican Republic, he rediscovered God’s grace. Many of his songs tell the story of his transformation and are meant or those whose lives have been changed through discovering faith in Christ.

Site: http://unspokenmusic.com/site/