Watch this: video captures the world through the eyes of children with special needs

Two sisters’ summer camp experience inspired the delightful music video

Nine years of volunteering at a camp for children with special needs has created an indelible mark on the hearts of sisters Lauren and Nicky Costabile.

And when they’re not busy volunteering, the girls are making music: Together with their cousin Emily Dolan, they form the family band The CostaCrew. Their song “If I Could See Through Your Eyes” (featured above) was a chance for the girls to bring these two worlds together.

“The purpose of this song is to show the world how these kids see the world, which is with eyes of joy and innocence and love. They are so in the moment; they live in the moment and they live that to the fullest,” said Lauren.

The music video was even more special, as it was filmed at the camp where they volunteer together with the campers who inspired the song. The joy in the video is contagious; it’s easy to see why the experience has made such an impact in the girls’ lives. Lauren shared about the making of the video, “It was important to the CostaCrew to capture the true essence and beauty of these children in their video and to show that every life has value and purpose no matter what your ability is.”

The CostaCrew’s music is available on iTunes, and you can read more about them and their ministry Array of Hope at their website.

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The CostaCrew

Members: Lauren Costabile, Nicky Costabile, Emily Dolan

Hometown: New Jersey

Curiosity: The family band comprised of sisters Lauren and Nicky and cousin Emily are passionate about using their music to make a difference to raise awareness for persons with special needs. The CostaCrew performs regularly as part of Array of Hope, which is a ministry that exists to proclaim the gospel truths of our faith in their wide-ranging concert experiences.