"Great Interviews" offers testimonies of people who has much to say, in a few minutes.
It is a series of exclusive video interviews, conducted by the Aleteia team, with trend-setters and opinion formers from very different fields: art, sports, fashion, technology, science. In these interviews, you will find princes, survivors from terrorist attacks, experts in different fields, bloggers, diplomats, models, musicians. All of it, in a 5-minute-long format.
Aleteia enters the home, the office, and the soul of people whose influence transforms the world, with plural and enriching visions of life. Do not miss it.

Why I Left the Wall Street Journal for the Bronx

Jose Healey, a former journalist, is now living a different life in the Bronx

The Bells Prepare to Celebrate 1000th Birth at Good Counsel Homes

A family brought together by love is at the heart of a nurturing network

Jean Vanier, L’Arche Founder: “The Most Rejected Lead Us to God”

An exclusive Aleteia interview with a most remarkable man, who lives and works among "people of the heart"

Terror Attack Survivor & Mom of 3: “There Is No Peace Without Forgiveness”

Irene Villa lost her legs in a terror attack. A psychologist, writer and competitive athlete, she advocates faith, facing it and forgiveness