Unkindest cut: student under investigation for giving free haircuts to homeless

February 16, 2017


A local cosmetology student is being investigating for giving free haircuts to homeless in the community.

Juan Carlos Montesdeoca has given dozens of free haircuts to the homeless at the Santa Rita Park over the past few months.

“Out of the kindness of my heart. Out of the memory of my mom, because she lost her hair,” Juan Carlos Montesdeoca said.

Montesdeoca thought he was doing a good deed for Tucson by offering the haircuts, a service many homeless hadn’t received in a long time.

“About seven months was the longest one, another lady was about two years without a basic trim.”

He too has been homeless in the past.

When his Regency Beauty school closed its doors last September, he felt compelled to offer his services for free.

But now, the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology is investigating a complaint against him for practicing without a license.

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Meanwhile, the budding barber may win a reprieve: 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has come to the beleaguered beautician’s aid. In a strongly-worded letter, the Republican executive told the cosmetology board to cease and desist.

“I find this outrageous, and I call on you to end your investigation,” the governor wrote the board on Wednesday. “Save Mr. Montesdeoca the inconvenience of having to travel to Phoenix to appear before your body, and waive any fees or penalties the cosmetology board is considering against him.”

Stay tuned.

Photo: Pixabay