Chavez returns to Venezuela after cancer treatment in Cuba


“It’s a complex, difficult situation, but Chavez is battling and fighting for his life”

Hugo Chavez recently returned to Venezuela after several months of cancer treatment in Cuba. Viewed as an advocate for workers, the socialist leader remains very population among many in Venezuela. Reuters reports:

The 58-year-old socialist leader's homecoming in the middle of the night implies some improvement in his condition – at least enough to handle a flight of several hours – and will fuel supporters' hopes he could return to active rule.
But there was no new information on Chavez's medical condition and he might be simply hoping to smooth a transition. No images of his arrival were released and aides have said his state remains "complex."
Chavez's arrival thrilled supporters in the nation of 29 million people, where his common touch and welfare policies have made him an idol to many of the poor.
"It's fabulous news, the best thing possible," Chavez's cousin, Guillermo Frias, told Reuters from the president's rural birthplace in Barinas state. "Venezuela was waiting for him, everyone wants to see him. Welcome home! Thank God he's back!"
Fireworks were set off in some Caracas neighborhoods as news spread and celebrations began among "Chavistas."
Government ministers were jubilant with one singing "He's back, he's back!" live on state TV.

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