Pope Madness!


Pope vs Pope for the Best of All-Time

My husband was a jock in high school.  He was into soccer and tennis and swimming and cross-country and all sorts of athletic activities that made a nerdy band geek like myself a bit twitchy.
And while at this particular point in his life his athletic endeavors are mostly limited to backpacking the two year old around on our hikes, he still loves sports.
So what does a sports loving, homeschooling father of six suggest at the onset of a historical Papal election?  Set to begin sometime in March?
Pope Madness, of course. 
Sixty-four Popes have been selected, seeded, put into divisions, and matched up.  And for the next several weeks, we’ll get to meet these Successors of Peter close up, and see how they do in one-on-one battles with their peers. 
Have your say in the comments.  Who should win each face off and why?

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