Smellable Search, Paying for Vowels in Tweets, and Other Tech April Fool’s Jokes


Website pranks have become a part of the annual tradition of April Fool’s Day

Google unveiled Google Nose today, Twitter announced users would have to start paying to use vowels in their tweets, and YouTube announces that it's 8-year video has come to a close. CNN has the story on all the best web pranks:

Search results you can smell, a crowdsourced hunt for pirate booty and paying for vowels on Twitter are some of this year's attempts at tech pranks. Few fooled anymore, but the annual tech ritual is still fun to watch. 

Every April Fools' Day, tech companies big and small roll out carefully constructed jokes. They're a way for the companies to show they know how to have to have a little fun, while conveniently getting in some free marketing at the same time. 

Google continues to be the undisputed champion of April Fools' tomfoolery, with elaborate offerings and high-production-value announcement videos across various Google products. 

Google Maps is following up last year's 8-bit maps overlay with an old-timey treasure map. The real, interactive overlay comes complete with sepia-tinged Street View images and a detailed backstory.

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