North Korea Blocks South Korean Workers from Jointly Operated Factory


Concerns war could break out continue to rise

Tensions continue to mount as North Korea has reportedly blocked South Korean workers from entering a factory jointly run by both South Koreans and North Koreans and that has been a sign of cooperation between the two nations. CNN has the story:

North Korea on Wednesday stirred up fresh unease in Northeast Asia, blocking hundreds of South Koreans from entering a joint industrial complex that serves as an important symbol of cooperation between the two countries.

The move comes a day after Pyongyang announced plans to restart a nuclear reactor it shut down five years ago and follows weeks of bombastic threats against the United States and South Korea from the North's young leader, Kim Jong Un, and his government.

The fiery North Korean rhetoric, fueled by recent U.N. sanctions over its latest nuclear test, has created a tense atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula just as the United States and South Korea are engaged in joint military exercises in South Korean territory.

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