The UFO at Pope Francis’ Election


You were so busy celebrating the election of Pope Francis, you probably missed the UFO over the Vatican at his election.

The whole world had its eyes fixed on the Vatican on March 13th, 2013, anxiously awaiting their first glimpse of the 266th Bishop of Rome. Huddled in St. Peter’s Square were clergy and laity, Catholics and non-Catholics, the young and old, tourists and TV crews. Oh… and even a UFO.

Like most people, you were probably too focused on the chimney on the Sistine Chapel or the balcony in St. Peter’s Basilica to notice the small UFO hovering above. (Also like most people, you probably didn’t realize that the date of Pope Francis’ election was the 16th  anniversary of the famous Phoenix Lights.)

Watch the video above and you can see for yourself: there’s a small object that seems to be hovering either over the Vatican or some distance behind it. What is the object? Surprise: the resolution of the video is too low to tell. All that’s clear is that something is there.

Of course, a UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object, is just that: some object in the sky that is not immediately identifiable by the observer. That fact that something is not immediately identifiable doesn’t mean it is an alien spacecraft.

But that doesn’t stop commenters on YouTube from speculating widely. Theories proposed in the comments so far range from the more serious to not-so-serious, including that it’s a ghost, a covert military drone, Jesus, a “Mini Death Star,” Santa Claus, Iron Man, Mars, the moon, and of course, an alien spacecraft.

One commenter connected the UFO to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation: “Pope [Benedict] stepped down because he did not want to be the man when they roll out what's planned.” The same person also said he expected the aliens to impose a religion and moral system on humanity, warning that for “all who will not convert on their word…[the] Inquisition will look like a holiday.”

A commenter with the name “Webelieveinaliens” insisted the object was much more benign: “That’s a helicopter. please watch other video's other angles” [sic].

What do you think the object in the video is? Let us know in the comments!

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