10 Things Other than IVF that Could Help a Couple Suffering with Infertility

Photographer Fensterbme

So if IVF isn’t an option – or doesn’t work – then what?


10) Be open to other ways to be “fertile.”  Those who suffer from infertility must remember that all marriages are called to be fruitful, even if it is not possible in the biological sense. Infertility is an occasion for trusting that there are other avenues to realize your desire to care for others.  There is not one path for everyone.  Some might choose to parent children through foster care or adoption; others will choose to pursue other vocations, such as carrying for the elderly or poor, missionary work, or vocations that might be incompatible with raising children. For our marriage, we chose adoption.  That’s the topic of another article, but in discovering our vocation to adoption, my husband and I are grateful – beyond words – for our infertility.

Elizabeth Kirk, J.D., is a Resident Fellow at the Stein Center for Social Research at Ave Maria University and former Associate Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture. She lives in Ave Maria, Florida with her husband and three children.

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