ISIS Issues Sunday Deadline to South Sinjar Yazidi: Convert or Die


4,000 families in the villages of Hawju and al-Hatimiyah among those affected.

ISIS terrorists gave thousands of Yazidi residents that live in an area south of the Sinjar District until Sunday to convert to Islam or face being killed for their refusal.

A Yazidi Activist, Ali Sinjari, said in a statement to Shafaq News, that ISIS terrorists gave the Yazidis in the two villages of Hawju and al-Hatimiyah (24 kilometers south of Sinjar) the choice between converting to Islam or death. He indicated that there are four thousand families living in those two villages.

Sinjari further indicated that the ISIS ultimatum for the two villages besieged by the terrorists expires tomorrow.

He added that the Yazidis demanded that ISIS terrorists leave the area; however, the terrorists emphatically refused.  An urgent plea is being made for international intervention before the Yazidis are all massacred.

Thousands of Yazidi families fled to the surrounding mountains after ISIS terrorists gained control of the Sinjar District, which is their historic stronghold. Hundreds, most of which are children, have suffered from thirst and heat in those mountains before Iraqi and American flights have been able to drop aid to them.  

He indicated that ISIS terrorists represent the most significant threat to Iraq since the fall of the former Saddam Hussein regime in 2003 at the hands of the American forces that left Iraq at the end of 2011.

On Thursday the President of the United States, Barak Obama, authorized limited air strikes on Iraq to protect Christians and prevent the “genocide” of tens of thousands of the Yazidi sect who are sheltered in the mountains for fear of ISIS terrorists.

This article was originally published in Aleteia’s Arabic edition.


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