“You Look Naked,” Woman in Burqa Tells Modestly Dressed British Woman


Islamic march in British town shocks woman who grew up there. She’s told she will burn in hell.

You’re walking down the street in a town you grew up in. A town which has seen a large immigration over the years, resulting in a strong Islamic presence. 

All of a sudden, you see a protest march, with women in full-body burqas and men carrying black flags with Arabic script. People are chanting that your country and your police should "go to hell." 

You confront some of the people because you are so incredulous that this is happening in your own country. People start telling you that you’re also going to hell—unless you become a Muslim.

You’re a woman, and you are modestly dressed. But a woman in a burqa tells you that you "look naked in the street" and you that you seem to be trying to seduce men.

That’s what happened to Nattie Goldberg Nameri. She went back to the town where she grew up, 30 miles north of London, and encountered this march.

Take a look and see what you think. What would you do if this happened in your town?