Planned Parenthood Abortion Video Is Straight Out of Fantasyland


For the real story, check out videos by Live Action or talk to someone who’s been there

I just came across a video on Planned Parenthood’s website, "In-Clinic Abortion Procedure,” that has been deceiving girls and women since it was posted in 2010. The video, which appears to be aimed at teenagers, attempts to explain what will happen when you choose to terminate a pregnancy. It may have been produced in reaction to some of the hidden camera videos filmed by Live Action to expose Planned Parenthood’s exploitation of girls’ vulnerability, blatant lies to "sell" the abortion option, and the facilitation of sexual abuse, statutory rape and trafficking for prostitution by failing to report the criminals to authorities.

The opening shot features smiling faces. Really? No matter how strongly "clients" may feel about the legality and morality of abortion, there are no smiles on the faces of abortion clients. The whole scene is unrealistic. In fact, I got the feeling that the actors and filmmakers had run into the houka-smoking caterpillar from "Alice in Wonderland" on their way into "the clinic" and inhaled the air around him too deeply. The scene bears no resemblance to the Planned Parenthood experience of the thousands of women I have worked with in post-abortion ministry.

The video begins by showing a young woman seeking an abortion. The Planned Parenthood "counselor" she meets with tells her, “It’s important that this decision is entirely yours." This is quite a departure from what actually happens at Planned Parenthood, whose clinics have been exposed for hiding the sexual abuse of minors and for allowing women to be coerced into an abortion by boyfriends, parents or husbands. 

Once the decision has been made and the procedure vaguely explained, the client in the film then smiles at her mom who smiles back and casually picks up a waiting room magazine. It was a tender moment, but the majority of teens walk into the doors of Planned Parenthood without parental guidance or even knowledge. The teen then confidently walks through the doors from the waiting room to the location of the abortion procedure. 

The recovery room in the video also looks serene and clean, very different from the moaning and sobbing and grief that is the reality for the women and girls who’ve just gone through with the procedure.

We know that Planned Parenthood was built on a foundation of deception, so it is no surprise that the lies continue through this particular video. Yet, it is disturbing that young girls will be taken in by this video, causing them to make a decision that will impact their entire lives, in a time of desperation, wanting to believe that abortion is the solution to their unplanned pregnancy.

At the end of the video they do bring up the possibility of serious problems, which they assure are “very rare," but while they note some of the symptoms to watch out for, they don’t explain what the consequences of these symptoms may be.

“Women sometimes make hard choices because they care about their families or future families,” viewers are told. This, of course, implies that if you are young and do not abort, you don’t care about your family and your future family. They are told that it’s

normal to feel many different emotions after an abortion: sadness, anger, relief, and the feeling of being alone are common. We want you to know you are not alone. One in three women experience an abortion sometime in her lifetime.

While Planned Parenthood continues to try to make the experience of abortion normal by listing positive and negative emotions together and telling these young women they are not alone, they never reveal the lasting effects of such a decision.

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