Video: The Thank You Project: A Mom Finds The People Who Saved Her Son’s Life


Ten years after a tragic accident, Kellie Haddock gets to personally express her gratitude.

Ten years ago, Kellie Haddock, her husband, AJ, and their infant son were in a horrific car accident. AJ was instantly killed and baby Eli was severely injured. Kellie was told that if Eli lived, he probably wouldn’t ever be able to walk, talk, or show emotion. Less than a week later, Kelli was able to take her son home from the hospital and he is now a thriving 10 year old. Kelli decided she wanted to track down all the people who were part of saving her son’s life to personally thank them for what they did. She called it, "The Thank You Project," and along with her new husband Ted—who adopted Eli—they held an event to honor all of these individuals. This video reminds us of the power of saying thank you and the fact that none of us makes it through life alone.