What to Do When You Don’t Want to “Go Home” for Christmas


Survival tips for the most common complaints about spending Christmas with family

By the Incarnation, Passion, Death, and Resurrection of His Son, our Heavenly Father declares to us, His adopted children, “You are worth my Son.” Through the proclamation of the Word, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, through the life of the Church, through the power of the sacraments and above all, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, our Heavenly Father declares to us, “You are worth my son.” With tenderness and fierceness, as both lamb and lion, through whisper and through thunder, our Heavenly Father declares to us, “You are worth my Son.”

So, if you can, go home this Christmas. Be wary of trying to “solve” anything or “fix” anyone. Instead, as you go home, keep these words of Jesus in mind: “Go home to your family and announce to them all that the Lord in his pity has done for you.” (Mark 5: 19)

When I write next, I will speak of meditations to make before Midnight Mass. Until then, let’s keep each other in prayer.

Father Robert McTeigue, S.J. is a member of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus.  A professor of philosophy and theology, he has long experience in spiritual direction, retreat ministry, and religious formation. He teaches philosophy at Ave Maria University in Ave Maria, FL, and is known for his classes in both Rhetoric and in Medical Ethics.

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