God Wants the Vulnerable, Imperfect, Real You


Our carefully crafted virtual personas don’t impress Him

We need to say Yes to who we are and to who God places in our lives. This is because, as Jacques Philippe says, “God is ‘realistic.’ His grace does not operate on our imaginings, ideals, or dreams. It works on reality, the specific, concrete elements of our lives. Even if the fabric of our everyday lives doesn’t look very glorious to us, only there can we be touched by God’s grace. The person God loves with the tenderness of a Father, the person he wants to touch and transform with his love, is not the person we’d have liked to be or ought to be. It’s the person we are. God doesn’t love ‘ideal persons’ or ‘virtual beings’. He loves actual, real people. He is not interested in saintly figures in stained glass windows, but in us sinners. A great deal of time can be wasted in the spiritual life complaining that we are not like this or not like that, lamenting this defect or that limitation, imagining all the good we could do if, instead of being the way we are, we were less defective, more gifted with this or that quality or virtue, and so on. Here is a waste of time and energy that merely impedes the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.”
Be patient with yourself. Who you are is who God loves. The reality he entered into is the one you’re in.


Alanna Boudreau
is an American singer-songwriter with a faint Canadian accent. She loves Josef Pieper, the smell of woodsmoke, Finnish folk art and telling people that her first name rhymes with "banana." She currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI, where she works as a TBI therapy coach. This article was originally published on the blog i.d.9:16 and is reprinted here with kind permission. 
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