The One-Minute Video That’s Changing Hearts–57 Million Gain a Voice


“Stolen Moments” makes a powerful case

What would have happened to the 57 million people who lost their lives since abortion was legalized if they had been allowed to be born? This is the question posed in "Stolen Moments," a powerful video from Pro-Life Texas in which the victims of abortion are given voices to speak for themselves.
Perhaps our culture has become so inured to photos of developing babies in the womb and cowed by propaganda that abortion is a principled fight for “women’s rights” that we can’t see abortion as the taking of a life.  It’s the hope of the filmmakers of this video that seeing these babies as fully-developed humans will bring home the magnitude of the loss.
According to the National Right to Life News, filmmakers Jason Vaughn and Andrew Koch  wanted to “expand the perceptions of the milions lost to abortion. “
“I wanted something different that made people think of those aborted as not just blobs of tissue or faces on a sonagram,” said Koch. “These people were people who had a life and future taken from them and the world.”