Video: Champion Surfer Disqualifies Himself For One Special Ride


One act of love triumphs over another championship title

Nicolás Gallegos always wanted to be a champion surfer, but his dream was cut short when at 18 years-old, an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Twenty years later, he was watching the national Argentine Surf Championship from his wheelchair on the beach and something amazing happened: Five-time Argentine surf champion, Martín Passeri, who was there to win another championship, was called to compete, but instead of racing to the water, he stopped, tapped Gallegos on the shoulder and offered him a ride. Passeri wanted to help Gallegos catch his very first so with everyone looking on, that’s exactly what he did. And the company Reef captured the selfless act. Passeri was disqualified — since there are race rules to follow — but here’s what he said when he came to shore: “I believe that was the best wave, and the biggest triumph of my life.”

Now there’s a champion.

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