Actor Joe Mantegna Talks About His Devotion to Padre Pio


Also discusses upcoming movie he’s making about the saint

Actor and film maker, Joe Mantegna, spoke to Aleteia about how he became a spokesman for the Saint Pio Foundation, and about his connection to Padre Pio. As an Italian-American who still has many family members living close to San Giovanni Rotondo, the town where Saint Pio lived and died, Mantegna feels a sense of providence about his involvement with Padre Pio. He’s in the early stages of a filmabout the much-beloved saint’s life and said this to Aleteia about it:

"I am a firm believer in sometimes things happening for a specific reason… Maybe (that’s why) the script came my way…call it serendipity, call it divine intervention, I don’t know… We are in the early formative stages… hopefully it will happen and hopefully be a dream, and somewhat of a miracle fulfilled."