Video: Former Hollywood Tabloid Writer Talks About What Makes A Great Dad


Chris Benguhe has seen the toll fatherlessness takes

As a writer and tabloid editor for publications such as People magazine and The National Enquirer, Chris Benguhe covered everyone from OJ Simpson to Princess Diana. It was after the Columbine massacre, when he refused to go after sensationalistic headlines from grieving parents, that he gave up the world of tinsel, glamour, and greed to use his writing to make a difference. 

Benguhe now tells the stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary things. His fifth book, The Best of A Better View,  features many of his columns from Arizona’s Catholic Sun, the official publication of the Diocese of Phoenix. He is also a TV writer, editor, and speaker. Here he talks to Zoe Romanowsky about what he’s learned about fatherhood from his personal and professional life. 


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