Video: What Happens When A Small Business Owner Gets the Surprise of His Life


“Cash mob” shows up to support a merchant the whole town appreciates

Avi Gandhi is a shop owner in the small town of Levittown, Long Island. He works long hours, seven days a week. In fact, he's never even taken a sick day, even when his wife Bharati battled cancer last year. His sales are so low now that he can barely pay his rent and may have to close his store. But Avi has one big thing going for him: his loyal customers love him and these friends, decided to give him the surprise of his life, to help him go out in style if that indeed happens. The video shows them rallying the community for a "cash mob" — to show Avi how much he is loved. As the film depicts, Avi has no idea what's going on and as customers begin to fill his store on a slow Saturday, what's happening begins to dawn on him. The rest of the story just needs to be watched.