Victims’ Kin to Dylann Roof: “Give Your Life to Christ”


Emotional court hearing in which victims’ family members confront confessed killer

If you haven’t watched this video yet—it’s been going viral like crazy since the bond hearing on Friday—it’s worth spending a few minutes on. A judge gives family members of the victims of the Charleston, S.C., church shooting a chance to express their sentiments to the alleged shooter, Dylann Storm Roof. 

Almost without exception, all the families wanted Roof to know one thing: they forgive him for killing nine people gathered for a bible study class at Emmanuel AME Church. 

Roof, who was not in the courtroom but in a holding cell, appeared by video link. He stood motionless and expressionless.

Anthony Thompson, representative of the family of Myra Thompson, urged Roof to repent. "Give your life to the one who matters the most—Christ so he can change it and change your ways, no matter what happens to you."