Video: One Elevator Ride They’ll Never Forget


Making someone’s day is something each of us can do

We often think that acts of love and service have to be big and involved, but we can seize everyday moments to lift people’s spirits, share God’s love with someone, encourage somebody we encounter.

This fun video produced by Jubilee Project reminds us of this. The non-profit, which exists to tell stories that inspire change through short films, PSAs, and documentaries began when three students in New York City set out to raise $100 for Haiti after the devasting earthquake there in 2010. 

Jason, Eddie and Eric didn’t manage to reach their goal of $100 busking in a subway station— they fell short by $30. But after they made a video and posted it online, they ended up with $700 for their cause. 

From there, Jubilee Project was born.

"Our vision is to produce entertaining content that will empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well.Our diversity of backgrounds, Jason in business, Eddie in government and Eric in medicine, allows us to bring a variety of experiences to the table, but what unites us is our passion for philanthropy and film-making."

Jubilee Project’s common goal of "doing good" can inspire each of us to think more creatively about the little things we might do to bring the light and love of Jesus to others. 


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