Pope Francis Gives Fidel Castro Special Gifts


Castro receives his former teacher’s books and CDs

The pontiff met with Fidel Castro for about 30 minutes on Sunday in Havana at the former president’s residence, presenting him with some special gifts: a book and two CDs with songs and homilies by the late Fr. Armando Llorente, a Jesuit priest who taught Castro in school.

Catholic New Agency reports that just before Fr. Llorente’s death, he publicly asked for Castro’s conversion and repentance. The priest didn’t live to hear it, but when the new agency Efe asked him what he would say to Castro if they had a chance to meet, Fr. Llorente said:

“The first thing that we would do would be to give each other a big hug, laugh and remember the adventures that we had together, which were many and very beautiful.” Then he would tell him: “Fidel, the moment of truth has arrived.”

According to CNN, about 10 members of Castro’s family were present at the meeting between Pope Francis and Castro yesterday, and Castro’s son, Alex, photographed the meeting.

Zoe Romanowsky is Lifestyle Editor and Video Curator for Aleteia