The Kindness of Strangers: A London Experiment (Video)


Would you help in these situations?

Big cities are exciting places, the amalgamation of interactions between people, commerce, culture, space and form. They can also be impersonal and too fast-paced to foster kindness and compassion among strangers.

London is a city with a reputation for being like this—though far from the only one. The creators of this video set up three different scenarios where a stranger needs help. When people come along to respond to each need, a small flash mob breaks out in song to surprise them. It’s a fun experiment and serves to drive home the message that not only are there still good people who will come to the aid of a stranger, but there is power in small acts of kindness. If each of us went out of our way to do one small kind act a day, our cities, towns, schools and work places might feel much different.

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