Daredevil: Can We Have Season 3 Now, Please?


Choosing the side of angels amid the horror is a timely lesson…

If all of this sounds a bit more complex and interesting than the usual superhero fare, it is. That doesn’t mean, however, you should rush to plop your kids down in front of the show. Unencumbered by the need to sell as many movie tickets as humanly possible, Daredevil can be more adult in its themes. This means there’s a bit more realism in the show than its cinematic cousins. When people get punched, they bruise and break; when they get shot, blood flows; and when they get tortured, even the strong may feel the urge to look away.

And yet such depictions of violence do serve the need of the story. It’s easy to be the hero when everybody walks away unscathed at the end, however, it’s a lot less easy to choose the side of the angels when confronted with the real horrors that people can commit. This is the central conflict at the heart of Daredevil, and while the character falters from time to time as we all do, it’s refreshing to see one of these costumed crusaders actually try to let his faith steer him through the morass of moral complexities he faces. It is to this Catholic, anyway. Can we have season 3 now, please?


In a world he didn’t create, in a time he didn’t choose, one man looks for signs of God in the world by … watching movies. When he’s not reviewing new releases for Aleteia, David Ives spends his time exploring the intersection of low-budget/cult cinema and Catholicism at The B-Movie Catechism.

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