WATCH: Today Is a Game Changer


Reflecting on the Easter Sunday readings, Jeff Cavins says the resurrection changes everything about our lives

In this Ascension Presents video, Jeff Cavins reminds us that Easter is what the entire liturgical year is about. It is what the Old Testament and New Testament are all about. It is the greatest day of our faith. The resurrection represents victory over the greatest fear we all have: death. Jesus’ victory means that life and eternity have changed for us. With the resurrection comes powerful graces to assist us in our everyday living.

Cavins invites us to rethink and realign our priorities in light of Easter, and to remember that we now have hope. No matter how dark or difficult life becomes, we now have hope, grounded in the resurrection, an anchor for our souls. Let us  live our lives as though we have the victory that Jesus has achieved for us.