WATCH: Scientists Study the Language of Cats


A team of researchers in Lund’s University, in Sweden, wants to learn more on interspecies communication

Professor Susanne Schötz has a project for the next five years. It’s called “melody of cat-human communication,” and it is an attempt to understand to what extent are domestic cats influenced by language, dialect and voice modulations we humans use when we talk to them, since “it seems,” Professor Schötz explains, “cats do use slight dialectal differences in the sounds they utter, depending on who they’re addressing, and where they are from.”

The project will study melodic details and vocal variables in humans when addressing their pets, but also the differences in cat’s meowing when they are in the presence of humans. It is quite probable that the results of such research will have a considerable impact not only in the way we understand our fellow house pets, but also how we treat and train therapy animals for those who need them as part of their treatment, in health facilities or their own homes.


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