Medieval Music, the “Hardcore Party Mix”

Public Domain

A playlist for your next party that would put more than one DJ to shame

It is true that, relatively recently, there is an ongoing, shy but steady revival of medieval music. These melodies have been gaining ground among a certain elite of music lovers thanks to the efforts of historians, researchers and musicians such as Jordi Savall, or ensembles such as the Boston Camerata, Musica Reservata or the Capella de Ministrers, to name a few.

But this revival has already hit YouTube as well: with around a million plays and more than two thousand comments, VacnaPaul’s (apparently a musician himself, and medieval music collector and conoisseur) “Hardcore Party Mix” groups together a dozen melodies of the traditional medieval “cancionero” in a single video:

La Suite Meurtriere – Vox Vulgaris

La Segonda retroencha – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble

Salterello [I] – Instanpitta

Rokatanc – Vox Vulgaris

Rassa, tan creis e monta e poia – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble

Salterello -Trotto [II] – Instanpitta

Spanish Bombs – Vox Vulgaris

Au Temps D’auost – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble

Amarcatu – Os Trabucos

Odisete – Os Trabucos

Tempus transit gelidum – Martin Best Medieval Ensemble

Esek Bayrami – Vox Vulgaris