WATCH: The Artist Kandinsky, Drawing Live in 1926


The Russian painter and art theorist, sketching on film, during his stay in Germany


6 (permitted use)

After spending three years in Munich, where he was a founding member of the New Artists Association, and once he finished his stay in Russia where he taught for more than seven years at the Moscow’s Artistic Culture Institute (which he also founded), Wassily Kandinsky finally went back to Germany in 1921, invited by the architect and founding member of the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius.

For more than a decade the painter and art theorist would devote himself to teach basic notions of design for new students, and an advanced theory course for seniors. This video was shot in 1926, the very same year in which he published his best-known book, Point and Line to Plane.

Yellow-Red-Blue 1925 (permitted use)
Yellow-Red-Blue 1925
WInter Landscape 1909 (permitted use)
WInter Landscape 1909
Moscow-Red Square 1916 (permitted use)
Moscow-Red Square 1916
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