The Message of St. Francis: Charity, Selflessness and Prayer


“Io sono Francesco [I am Francis]”

Charity is silent only when it is pure, let us cultivate selflessness like a prayer

Jimmy is a young Italian artist born in Trapani, in Sicily.

Through talent and determination, he is becoming well known on the Italian national music scene.

The videoclip of “Io sono Francesco” [I am Francis], directed by Marco Gallo, recounts a young boy’s journey to Sanctuary of Paola, as he passes through the chief sites where the saint lived. It is a charming story, told through the eyes of the young and talented Lorenzo, who goes in search of the saint and a vocation that will bring him, and the viewer, closer to the important figure of St Francis of Paola.

The idea to shoot the video began with the dream to draw new generations to the saint using music, the highest form of communication. To better understand how it all began, we quote Jimmy’s FB page:

A few months ago, I accepted the invitation of a friend, Francesco Musacco, to review a song about the figure of St. Francis of Paola. The saint’s religious family, the Order of Minums, was very eager to see the song produced. I listened to the piece Francesco had masterfully arranged written by Nicco and Verrienti Giulia Led Capone: three professionals in the field of music. I appreciated the message of love and brotherhood that the song means to communicate, especially at a time when we generally only hear about daily massacres, large and small.

And so I also involved a friend and producer, Marco Gallo, to put the right images to the song. With his usual skill and expertise, he added the last last missing piece to this delightful project which I am happy to be a part of.”

It’s a masterpiece, which Jimmy plays masterfully, in which music, lyrics, vocals, and narrative blend perfectly.

Written and produced by Francesco Musacco, Nicco Verrienti and Giulia Capone, “Io sono Francesco” is set to become a “contemporary classic” in Italian music.

Jimmy is an artist who loves to experiment. In fact, this song doesn’t belong to his usual musical genre. To listen to his music, register at his YouTube channel here: Jimmy Ingrassia Official.

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Laura Montorio


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