Ever Wondered How Much Mozart, Bach and Beethoven Earned for Their Music?


Not as much as Kanye, that’s for sure

Being a composer has always been a hard, rough, underpaid job. Far from the romantic fantasies we might build around the beautiful task of writing music, composers often have to work on stuff they’d rather not (let’s say a lousy TV or radio ad jingle, for instance). Some others, like Bach, have to set composing aside from 9 to 5 to work as school teachers, and write great toccatas late at night, in order to make some extra money with works of musical genius.

Well, this infographic, originally found on Adzuna Blog and then reposted by Classic FM,  shows us how much money Scott Joplin, Wagner, Beethoven and other great composers made, with all figures expressed in euros adjusted to inflation and other economic variables.



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