Mom Was Right: Eating Your Oatmeal Is Good for You


A major Harvard University study found a surprising number of major health benefits linked to eating 70 grams of whole grain a day


The race to find a cure for cancer has forced scientists into an ever increasing growing number of unexpected research areas, from nutrition to whatever sub-field of medical research you can think of, including nuclear medicine. But of all of those, the most recent and surprising findings come from a Harvard University study which found the humble, traditional, simple breakfast oatmeal may be one of the mightiest weapons we in order to prevent death from cancer. Actually, it lowers the risk of death from all causes by 22%.

The study, which gathers together 12 other studies on whole grains, involving a total of 786,076 participants, found that just by eating 70 grams of whole grain a day (which is to say, just a large bowl of oatmeal!) you can lower the risk of death from cancer by 20%, and by the same rate for death due to cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Qi Sun, assistant professor in public health at Harvard University said, according to The Independent: “Based on the solid evidence from this meta-analysis and numerous previous studies that collectively document beneficial effects of whole grains, I think healthcare providers should unanimously recommend whole grain consumption to the general population as well as to patients with certain diseases to help achieve better health and perhaps reduce [the risk of premature] death.”