“Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions”: Pray for these people


This is grotesque and sad

So, yeah, “I just want to get an abortion.”

Cue the clichéd crazed-Christian, because that trope is not overdone at all.

And while these two continue to search for the elusive legal abortion — because we’re meant to believe it’s almost impossible to get an abortion in a nation where nearly a million a year are legally performed — they have an ice cream cone. Because getting an abortion is just that casual. It’s something you do between ice cream and a mani-pedi.

“Can I get an abortion here?
“Thank God…”

It’s sick, and it’s sad, and it’s not even clever. The saddest thing of all is that the people involved in producing such a video truly don’t understand why their effort is pathetic, not funny. Pray for these folks. And pray that Christian pro-lifers continue to develop their outreach in creative, constructive and positive ways. Support such groups in the ways you are best able.

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