WATCH: Struggle and criticism are the pre-req for greatness


Prince Ea reminds us of simple truths we seem to forget

Studies done on elderly people facing death show that what we regret most at the end of our lives is not what we’ve done but what we didn’t do. But so many things get in the way of our dreams as we move through life. The biggest one is fear — fear of the struggle, fear of failure, and fear of criticism. Somehow society seems to have forgotten how necessary these are to the life well-lived. They are now things to be avoided at all cost.

Using his signature spoken word form of communicating, Prince Ea reminds us that we don’t choose our dreams, they choose us — we have a mission that only we can fulfill, that is unique to us. But the only way forward is to accept the hardships will come in the quest. Then perhaps, at the end of our lives, there will be no regrets, only an offering of the blood, sweat and tears we have poured into the one life we’ve been given.

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