Is There Such a Thing as a Pro-Life Democrat?


Talking with Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life, about what seems like the loneliest job in the world…

Q: I hear all the time from people online who say, in effect, “You can’t be Catholic or pro-life and be a Democrat.” What do you say?

A: Pro-life Democrats aren’t pro-life Democrats because it is popular!

We are pro-life Democrats because we truly believe in protecting prenatal children and we believe that to reduce abortion we must address poverty in all its forms.

Since we believe the Democratic Party is more focused on addressing social needs, we are convinced that the pro-life position is a great fit for the party.  We plan to stay active and work to convince our party to embrace a consistent life position of protection—from womb to tomb. It is really the sensible position for Democrats.

Please remember that a Pro-life Democrat is in no way compelled to vote for a pro-abortion Democrat.  We are committed to support only pro-life Democrats!

Q: How do the powers-that-be in the Democratic Party think of you guys?  Do you feel like you’re having any impact? 

A: Happily, for the FIRST TIME, we have received credentials to be a part of the 2016 DNC convention every day, and we will be staffing a DFLA table at the Convention general area as well.  These are small but very important inroads.

The current powers that be, including the Democratic Party Chair, are not open to the input of pro-life Democrats right now. We have called for the Chair to step down because the Party’s radical abortion position can be traced to the loss of 912 legislative seats!  We must continue to work to convince the Party to support pro-life Democrats — the more of us (pro-life Democrats)  there are that speak up, the more likely this will happen.

Q: Do you see any hope for changing the Democratic Party’s stance toward life issues? 

A: As prenatal technology continues to improve, the logic of the Supreme Court abortion decision is crumbling.  Imagine what technology was like 43 years ago when this decision was made.  You can be sure there were no 4 dimensional ultrasound images back then.

A recent episode from the “Big Bang Theory” involved young new parents using an at-home Doppler kit to listen to the heartbeat of their unborn baby, and share the heartbeat with their friends.

The humanity of the unborn child is increasingly indisputable.

Our hope is also with the millennial voters just beginning to flex their muscle in the arena of public policy.  Abortion is, at a minimum, big business that preys on women in crisis. (Do you know that virtually ALL abortions performed in clinics must be paid for in advance?  This is not healthcare—this is big business.)  Abortion is also understandably more often seen as unnatural and violent, and a false answer to real needs of women.

Politically, we are starting to have more success on the state level, where local culture often encourages pro-life Democrats to consider politics.  Local support will help build a strong grassroots organization.

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