Is There Such a Thing as a Pro-Life Democrat?


Talking with Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life, about what seems like the loneliest job in the world…

Q: What message would you like to send to those attending the convention this year?  

A: JOIN US!  I would urge Democrats attending the convention to stop by our booth and talk to us to learn more about what pro-life Democrats stand for, and the various initiatives we have underway.

We are holding a session on Wednesday July 27 to honor a pro-life Democrat and release “Make Room for Pro-Life Democrats & Achieve our Party’s Goals Nationwide,” a study that shows that embracing pro-life Democrats will be a winning strategy for the party throughout the country.

We encourage all to talk to pro-life Democrats from around the country.  Look for our representatives at the convention— they will be sporting CHOOSE BOTH gear, reflecting our commitment to protect both mother and child in pregnancy.

We know that 1 in 3 Democrats is Pro-Life.  We can and must work toward having BOTH political parties embrace a consistent ethic of life.

Both parties must offer women REAL CHOICES not violent procedures which end and injure lives.

Q: Will you be endorsing a presidential candidate? 

A: Democrats For Life will only endorse a candidate who is both pro-life and running as a Democrat. Since none of the current presidential candidates meet our criteria, we will not be endorsing anyone.

However, we have been able to endorse a number of pro-life Democrats throughout the country, including our current 2016 Governor Casey Award honoree, Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards (D) who will receive our commendation for his pro-life work during the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

You can learn more about pro-life Democrats serving as elected officials throughout the country at our website:

[Editor’s Note: Take the Poll – Would you be a Democrat if the party was pro-life]

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