5 Music Videos to Get You Amped for World Youth Day 2016


Countdown to Krakow

The countdown to World Youth Day 2016 has passed from years and months to now only days and hours. Most groups have already taken off, beginning their extended pilgrimages that will culminate in Krakow. Join in the excitement with these five videos.

Official World Youth Day Anthem

It’s a playlist within a playlist: the official World Youth Day anthem…all 17 versions of it. From French to Vietnamese, Bulgarian to Arabic, and of course English and Polish, the various versions represent the Catholicity (aka universality) of this event. Called “Blessed are the Merciful,” the song was written by Jakub Blycharz and is biblically inspired.

I Wanna Praise | Edwin Fawcett

Another biblically inspired song, Edwin Fawcett’s “I Wanna Praise” is based on Deuteronomy 6:5-7, on loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. The distinctive afro-beats sound is a nod to the members of the St. Antony’s Youth Choir Fawcett directs, many of whom are Nigerian and West African. Keeping with the international character of World Youth Day, “I Wanna Praise” videos were also made in Spanish and Polish, and the song was produced in a total of seven languages, all available on the I Wanna Praise album.

World Youth Day Is Back For You | UNI’T

“Crossing over borders. Meeting brothers and sisters. Be the salt of the earth. Be the light of the world. Be witnesses of Jesus. World Youth Day is back for you,” read the lyrics of the song by the French group UNI’T. Featuring clips of past World Youth Days, this video is sure to put you in the spirit.

Dancing Polish Nuns

John Paul II said, “Do not be afraid to go out onto the streets and preach the Good News of Christ.” Not satisfied with pounding the pavement, these Polish sisters took the Good News all the way to the beach encouraging the youth to participate in World Youth Day in nearby Krakow. Dancing and radiating the joy that surrounds World Youth Day, these sisters of St. Faustina’s order surely turned a lot of heads (and hearts with them).

Pope Francis Carpool to Krakow

It’s not exactly a music video, but it is a video and there is music, and there’s Pope Francis in his little car! In his adorable English he asks, “Are you ready?” before he sets out from St. Peter’s. He makes his way through Italy, Spain, France, and Germany – picking up passengers along the way – until he finally arrives in Krakow. Are you ready to say yes? Are you ready?

Follow Cecilia as we cover World Youth Day, and stay tuned tomorrow for a big announcement (with a big giveaway).

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