Hey, #WYD2016 Pilgrims: Don’t miss out on the contests and freebies!


As if a meet-up with the Pope isn’t cool enough, there’s also some virtual swag and opportunities!

If the pictures and the videos are evidence, then you pilgrims in Krakow are having a swimmingly good time of it!

Aleteia has three ways to make your time in Poland even more fun and memorable. We may even give you a chance to get to Rome for free, just by using a hashtag!


First up: Music — it’s important, right? You’re walking, or waiting on a line and you have your earbuds on you, so you’re looking for a good tune… well, our music channel, Cecilia, wants to gift you with a downloadable album of free music by Christian artists around the world — new names you may be glad to discover, as well as some of your current favorites. So get those earbuds unwound, and enjoy!


Secondly, about that free trip to Rome: We’re hoping you’ve been uploading your pictures and videos to social media using the hashtag #KrakowToRome because that’s how you get yourself entered into the contest — yep, that’s all you need to do! To help you take your best pictures, we’re even helping you out by sharing some advice from an expert who will be helping us to judge the winners!

Check out some of the images and videos we’ve received so far! You guys are making those of us at home feel like we’re almost there, too!


Finally — Don’t miss the Popemoji!: We’ve got new emoji — special to your Krakow WYD — for you on our Popemoji app, which is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, French, Portuguese and Arabic — so you can share that good news with the friends you’re making from all over. They’re really cute! Give us a flash of this one, when the WYD cross makes its traditional appearance!

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