The BBC’s AWESOME (and inspiring) intro into the Olympics


Don’t miss this…

Rocco Palmer, blogger extraordinaire, founder of the indispensable Whispers in the Loggia, has shared something spectacular.

This video is not only ridiculously creative and entertaining, it also has a touch — perhaps all unintended, but who really knows — of evangelism to it as well. Christ the Redeemer, overlooking the games in a most troubled and stressed out era, one where some athletes must compete as refugees with no country.

One of the things that has been brought very much to the fore over these first days of the event is that faith is important to many of these athletes and is on display to a measure many of us cannot recall from other games. Gold medalist Simone Biles discusses her rosary; we read that Katie Ledecky is open about her Catholic faith. The US men’s synchronized diving medalists also spoke openly about their faith, and it does seem to be reflected in some stories of good sportsmanship. Seeing this dominant representation of Christ looking over the games? Yeah, we got a shiver of inspiration, and said a prayer for the good of all.