Muslim journalist publishes her prayer for help, made to Jesus and Mary

lbert Aublet - Arab Madonna (public domain for Wikipedia)

Murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel inspired prayer for the world

Upon learning of the murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel, Lebanese journalist Mahassen Haddara wrote on her Facebook profile a very moving prayer, a supplication made to Jesus and Mary.

O Mary! Jesus! Do not delay!

We beg you, Virgin Lady of the women of the world, ask Jesus to quickly come to us, because we are no longer able to endure what is going on … Our world, from Jerusalem to Iraq suffers from divisions … 
Our churches and mosques are desecrated, 
our priests are being killed, 
our children are being killed, 
and we are helpless …

We beg you, Mother, help us with your prayer … 
Jesus, do not be late … 
Come to us, because we suffer.

Translated from the Polish, first from the Arabic.

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