Now I’m chasing after Him: The conversion of a young hip-hop artist


“It’s Okay”

Find a free download of Dy-Verse’s song “It’s Okay” at the bottom of the article.

He may be young, but Nick “Dy-Verse” Torres is not new to the music industry. At only 16, he began recording and producing music. Starting off recording in his bedroom, he would eventually rise to meet the likes of Juanes and gain the recognition of the MTV Latino producers. When he underwent a dramatic reversion to the Catholic faith, his music followed suit. The sound and the beat would remain the same, but the inspiration and the mission were new.

He would also find a family in his mission: FoundNation Family. This Catholic hip-hop collective is under the leadership of Fr. Masseo Gonzales, a.k.a. “El Padrecito.” The group seeks to evangelize using the arts, music and dance. Coming from a troubled past himself, Fr. Masseo has focused his priestly mission on bringing the unchurched home to the Church through the same mediums that often pull them in the opposite direction: hip-hop and entertainment.

The song “It’s Okay” comes from Dy-Verse’s solo project, Truth Faith Hope Love Hip-Hop|The Mix-Tape. The song came out of a period of trials. “It came from a place of wanting to rest in the hope of the Gospels. The reality that awaits us.” The problems didn’t immediately vanish, but he realized he had much more to be grateful for and to hope for.

This is for the people with the cross on their back. If it’s starting to get heavy, God will give you what you lack.

When your path seems lost and your mind astray, there’s a way. Cling to the only one with perfect love.

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