WATCH: St. Francis of Assisi would have loved coming across this…


Two women canoeing in Ireland witness special starling flock formations

On a day set aside to honor St. Francis of Assisi, we think seeing this mumuration would have brought luminous praise to his lips. Here young women take a canoe ride on the River Shannon, the longest river in Ireland, and stumble across one of nature’s greatest phenomena. Starlings are social birds, and their flocks may include other starling species, or even other kinds of birds. Their formations are special to witness. They made us think of Francis’ own prayer of praise.

Be praised, my Lord,

For all your creatures,

And first for brother sun,

Who makes the day bright and luminous.

He is beautiful and radiant

With great splendor

He is the image of You,

Most high.
Be praised, my Lord,

For sister moon and the stars.

You placed them in the sky,

So bright and twinkling.

Photo: Starling flock over Brighton Pier taken by James Offer