Cecilia’s Summer 2016 International Top 10


Our favorite songs from summer 2016



Cecilia is pleased to present the 10 songs you have listened to and enjoyed the most during summer 2016.

Many artists launched new singles that rapidly made inroads in your hearts and climbed the charts: from the Italian band, The Sun, with “Il mio miglior difetto”, shot in the Negev desert in the Holy Land, to the French artists Uni’T, whose “World Youth Day is back for you” contributed to an unforgettable soundtrack for World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow; from Brother Isaiah, who impressed us with his performance on the streets of New York, to the young Mexican-American artist, Mayra Alejandra Barajas, who you’ll be hearing about more and more.

An international mix of exceptional Catholic artists from every genre forms the summer 2016 Top 10. Thank you for making this possible. Keep following us on our Facebook page at: Cecilia Music

1. The sun_Il mio miglior difetto

2. Nick fabian_ Stuck in my head

3. Cardiac Move_So good

4. Uni’t_World Youth Day is back for you

5. Brother Isaiah_ Jacob’s song

6. Mayra Alejandra_Tu eres santo

7. Luca Fiore_Get Up!’

8. Celines_ Me levantarè

9. PJ Anderson_ Love will heal

10. Eliana Ribeiro_Saudade de Ti

Cecilia Team